Secrets of Convincing Funding Proposal

There are several steps to consider when setting out to create a convincing funding proposal.

Summarize the Project in Your Convincing Funding Proposal

Being your proposal with a quick summary that describes the project. This summary should be similar to an application cover letter and should be no more than two or three paragraphs long. You want this part of your proposal to be particularly eye-catching as it will be what gets lenders, agencies or authorities interesting in seeing the rest of the funding proposal.

Convincing Funding Proposal Paints a Picture of a Reputable Applicant

This should be a display of data about applicant’s organization. This part of the proposal should include a brief  biography of the board members and any key staff members. Organization objectives, philosophy and the background with other lenders as well as testimonials from them should be located in this part too. All data should be relevant to the funding agency, financier or investor and should establish the applicant’s credibility.

Define a Problem Statement to Make Your Funding Proposal Convincing

This is where you will address the problem that you will be setting out to solve. This is a very vital component of a funding proposal. Here is were you will clearly lay out the purpose of the proposal.  You will also outline who the recipients as well as how they will benefit from the outcome. Other things to be included are the expenses effected, the nature of the problem, how the problem was discovered, any alternatives available and most importantly, a estimated budget.

Goals and the Desired Outcome in Your Convincing Funding Proposal

In this section of the proposal you should outline all the goals you want to reach and how you intend to reach them. It is very important to make these goals realistic and reachable. These goals will need to be verified by someone at one point or anything so credibility is key. If you get stuck on this section there are several books on the market designed to guide and assist with the writing of program objectives.

Convincing Funding Proposal Defines a Plan of Action

Here is where you will go into detail about the plans you have to reach the goals that were mentioned in the previous section. Explain the steps that will be set into motion by the proposal and the measurable results that will occur if the steps are followed.

Make a Good Closing Statement to Make Your Funding Proposal Convincing

Always wrap up a funding proposal with a summary of all the information previously discussed. End with an overview of the information keeps in fresh in the reader’s mind.

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