Guide on Proposal Letter Writing

Proposal letters are a short summarized outline of a problem and then a proposed solution to that problem. A proposal letter is commonly used in the business world and therefore it is very important to know how to write one. These letters are simple to write of you stick to a precise formula.

Create an Impressive Introduction of Your Proposal Letter

Begin by addressing the letter directly to the person who will receive it. Be sure to use their full formal time, such as Dr. John Smith. This makes the proposal letter look formal, professional and well put together.

Following your opening should be a short introduction paragraph that outlines the benefits of the proposal you are about to offer. In the next paragraph you should begin to go into the details of your proposal. This should cover what the goals of your proposal are and how you intend to reach them.

Define the Problem of the Proposal Letter

Next you should go into detail about the solution you have to combat whatever problem it is that the client is having. Since you will be going into detail on this you should be sure to break this part down into sections. This makes it easier on the reader and keeps their attention. Four or five sections is ideal, this should be enough to clearly express and explain your solution without dragging it out or repeating yourself.

After you have completely detailed your solution and covered you plan of action you should launch into a paragraph that discusses the qualifications of your company and its employees as well as yourself personally. You might also want to give a brief background on anyone that will be involved in the project, including yourself of course. This should include related work history and achievements as well as qualifications that will  actor into the job.

Talk about Finances in Proposal Letter

Then you will want to talk finances. Companies and employers want to the most out of their money and they also want to know exactly how that money is being spent. You need to know the costs of your proposed plan and you need to outline that for them in detail.

Close a proposal letter by giving an overview of all the information you’ve given so far. This should be a summary of the problem the client has, plan you have laid out to solve that problem, the benefits of your plan, qualifications of anyone working on the project and the cost of the project. Ending with a quick summary keeps the information fresh in the reader’s mind.

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