Formulate a Problem of Statement in Proposal Writing

There are several steps that should be followed when writing a good business proposal. The first, and possibly most important, is formulating a statement of a problem. The goal of your proposal is to sell the solution so in order to make an effective sale you need have a clear outline of what the problem is that you are setting out to solve.

Questions Your Should Answer in the Problem Statement

There are several questions you will want to address in this proposal.

  • What is the main challenge the business is currently facing?

Focus on one challenge and describe it in detail so everyone is on the same page about what the problem is and why it is a problem.

  • What is the overall greatest challenge the industry is facing?

Thinking more widely and not just within the company, discuss the issues that are facing the whole industry. Talk about how they could effect your company and also how those effects can be avoided.

  • When was it determined this business problem existed?

Talk about how long there has been a problem and the struggles it has caused.

  • What has been done in the past to address this issue and what was the outcome of that course of action?

Go over past strategies that were used to take on the problem. Go into detail about what plans worked and what plans did not, what were some of the successes and what can be learned from them so you can expand and go from there.

  • What is the best outcome you can hope to achieve with this project?

Give a very clear outline of your goals and what you hope to accomplish with you project.

  • What information does the company have to solve this problem?

This will go over past research, if there is any, or you can provide new research and data to your proposal.

  • When is this project expected to be complete?

Providing a set timeline gives the company faith in your ability to follow through and get the job done.

  • What obstacles will need to be overcome?

Being aware of challenges and having a category to overcome them is part of being well prepared for the job.

  • Is there a budget for this project?

The dollars and cents of a new project are very important to any company so make sure the projected spending amount is laid out very clearly from them. Also make sure it’s realistic, don not give them a low number just to get approval on the project.

A well put together business proposal will cover all of this information and will in turn give the company peace of mind while offering answers to all of their questions.

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