Writing A Proposal For You

It is our duty to write for you a killer proposal. We do it with diligent and passion. When you give us your case for support for your proposal, it is this case we will use to persuade or fail to persuade the value of your proposal. We make sure we persuade the value of your proposal. Our professional writers will work on that.

Proposal writers

In case you are at a loss on how to come up with a case of support, our professional writers will work on it for you. This is the foundation of any proposal writing. When coming up with a case of support for you, there are two factors our proposal writers consider: your case study will, with luck, be read by one or two experts in your field. But the programme manager, and most members of the panel judges your proposal against others, wont be expert. So you case of support must be written for the benefit of this non expert too. Remember also the programme manager and panel members see tens or hundreds of cases for support, so our professionals make sure that, that one minute or so should be utilized to grab the reader’s attention.

Proposal writing

When our writers are doing the proposal for you, it passes through different writers. Once one writes, he passes it to another, and if the second one misunderstands what the first one had written, then the original writer will have to rephrase it so that it is well understood. If the value of what is trying to be portrayed is not reached, then it has to be re-written until the value comes out.

Writing a proposal

Make sure that the first page acts as a stand alone summary of the entire proposal. Assume (it is a safe assumption) that many readers will get no further than the first page. So don’t fill it up with boilerplate about technical background. Instead, present your whole case: what you want to do, why it is important, why you will succeed, how much it will cost and so on. Does this not make you realize that we know what we are talking about when we say we are professionals in proposal writing.

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