Write Your Proposal Outline

We have proposal outlines for business proposals, funding proposals, government proposals, thesis proposals, PhD proposals, dissertation proposals, technical proposals, research proposals and website proposals. All this have a general outline which applies to all of them.

Proposal outline

Introduction should contain the mission and history of the organization. Statement of the problem and/or need should include explanation of the situation, location, the people, government, religion etc; it should include statistics, if known, related to this problem; the beneficiaries with their ages and numbers.

Goals and objectives of the proposals should include your experiences with other projects in this area or similar projects in other locations; who is in charge of the project? Statement of solution; how is this measured (examples … track records, statistics, staff or location). What are the methods/activities to carry out the objectives; how will this project improve the lives of the people.

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Outline for proposal

Funding of the proposal has to be considered. Where the money will be gotten, this amount should be included in the budget. When the grant money will be required (start and end of the proposal). If there is any other money which is available and will be used on the project, let it be known whether already received or funds pending somewhere else. List each item that needs to be purchased. Organization income and expenses should also be shown on the proposal. Plan for evaluation and reporting – how will you measure the success of the project. Plan for becoming self sustaining and have support materials for the proposal at hand; support materials include – recommendation letters, audited financial statements, list of board of directors and letter of application. Other attachment to your proposal will include but not limited to newspaper articles, newsletter, annual reports and photos. The list goes on and on.

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