Proposal Writing Tips And Guidelines

We feel proud when a client sends us a message that he wants us to write a proposal for him. It means that we are a milestone from achieving a new project from them. We dedicate our time and energy to do the best we can to write the best proposal that this client will trust us more and come to us anytime he has a proposal. A great proposal can be decisive in winning a project, while a poor one can cause you to lose a project, even if everything else in the sales process has gone flawlessly.

Proposal writing tips

Create a powerful but concise executive summary. Decision makers start with and focus on the executive summary, so create this section with that fact in mind. When writing the executive summary, assume that the reader knows little or nothing about the proposed project. Quantify the results that the client can expect from engaging you. We are aware of some consultants who create proposals that overemphasize their consulting process and methodologies, and we know clients buy results and not tools or methodologies and that is why we emphasize on the results – quality.

Proposal writing guidelines

We are always generous with our ideas. We don’t fear that revealing our ideas about how to solve a problem during the proposal process could result in clients taking those ideas and completing the project themselves. In rare cases, that may happen. But we know are having success because we don’t hoard our ideas. We use them to show clients that our team thinks and appreciates problems in creative and innovative ways. The size of the proposal doesn’t matter. We keep our proposals as short as possible, while meeting the client’s request. We always think quality and not quantity. All the time, we focus on the client. Many proposals begin with a long discussion of the consulting firm describing its qualification and history.  We don’t focus on ourselves but on the client’s needs first, and then later on, we describe about our firm’s capabilities. We always remember the clients care only but how we will address their issues, so we show them how we will do that. Best practices are our motto. The client may view our liberal use of “best practices” as a convenient crutch. Instead of relying on answers that worked for a previous client, we find a blend of outstanding practices and innovative solutions that fit each of our client’s particular needs. Visit our website for more information.

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