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tuition reimbursement proposal
One of the major benefits that large corporations offer employees is the reimbursement of the tuition costs of taking a course or a program in a college or university. This doesn’t happen automatically because you do have to gain approval by writing and submitting a tuition reimbursement proposal. Companies don’t shell out money based on a tuition proposal letter from an employee, though. The process is that you get approval to take the course, pay the tuition on your own and pass the final exam. Then you have to look for tuition assistance reimbursement in the form of a proposal letter. We can help you with this style of writing at Proposal Writing Service.

How we help with a tuition reimbursement proposal

Our proposal writers will research the company policy to find the specific information about making a tuition fee reimbursement order for employees. In this way your letter for tuition assistance reimbursement will have a direct correlation between the courses you take and the way in which the company sees them as being an asset to its business. We will be able to write a tuition reimbursement proposal for you to demonstrate how you help fulfill the company’s mission with the further education you now have.

What we need for a tuition reimbursement proposal

There is some specific information we need from you in order to formulate the best proposal for tuition reimbursement. This is:

✒ The full name of the course as well as the name of the educational institution
✒ The cost of the course. Tuition assistance reimbursement does not include the cost of textbooks or travel.
✒ The reasons you decided to take the course to help you in your position

tuition reimbursement letterWe prepare a detailed tuition reimbursement proposal for you that lays all this information out in an organized manner. The reader will not have any doubts as to the manner in which your courses will be of great benefit to the company.

Even if the company does reimburse the tuition costs for the course you hold the advanced certification and can add it to your resume to apply for a different position in the company.

Avail of the services we offer for writing a tuition reimbursement proposal when you take a course helping you to perform better in your job. Proposal Writing Service has the experts to assist you.

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