Speculative/Unsolicited Proposal Writing Service

You are reading an article, or watching a news broadcast, or listening to a conversation, when you suddenly have an “aha” moment. Or perhaps you have been working with an organization for a while, and now know their business inside out, when you realize that you have an innovative idea that will benefit them tremendously. You decide to pitch the company. In this case, you the vendor, do not have to wait for the company to tender a bid, all you have to do is send in a speculative proposal.

Speculative Proposal Request

Speculative ProposalWith requests for proposals and requests for quotation, you are given the client requirements and you respond accordingly, but with speculative proposals, especially when you are unfamiliar with the client, you have to be proactive to determine the true needs of the organization before you can make a pitch. The most successful unsolicited proposals have an element of innovation in them, and are with current clients because they already know the quality of your work. Even if the organization isn’t currently your client, you should not be deterred and forgo a golden opportunity when it arises.

You have to determine if there is a viable need for your products and services within the organization that you will be pitching to. The proposal writing process is very time consuming so you have to determine if it is worth your time and effort to submit a proposal. You also have to find a champion within the client company so that your proposal does not fall through the cracks. If awarded the contract, do you have the necessary resources to see the project to completion?

Speculative Proposal Writing

Even though with a speculative proposal there are no specific requirements and eligibility criteria, from our experience, there is still a process for the vendor to follow to increase the chances of securing a contract. Proposal Writing Service can help you because we have written many speculative proposals that have resulted in signed contracts.

After you have done the initial work, let us write the speculative proposal for you – put our experience to the test. Sections in unsolicited proposals include:

  • Unsolicited Proposal Writing ServiceVendor’s name and address.
  • Names and telephone numbers of personnel to be contacted for evaluation or negotiation purposes.
  • Date of submission and your signature, or the signature of another person authorized to represent the organization.
  • A short title and abstract of the proposed services or products.
  • A discussion stating the objectives of the service or product, the method of approach and extent of effort to be employed, the anticipated results, and how the work will help to accomplish the organization’s goals and mission.
  • Executive summary.
  • Names and biographical information of decision makers.
  • Identification of any proprietary data to be used only for evaluation purposes.
  • Proposed price or total estimated cost, in sufficient detail for meaningful evaluation.
  • Proposed duration of the contract.
  • Description of the organization’s previous experience, relevant past performance, and facilities if any to be used in the proposed activity.
  • Other statements if applicable.

It may seem like there are many sections to an unsolicited proposal, and they may appear straightforward to you, but we have written so many different unsolicited proposals to a variety of organizations, that we know exactly how to proceed after we have consulted with you to understand your idea. We always work closely throughout the process so that we capture and present your innovative ideas in the best light possible. And most important of all, with our experience, we know how to protect your idea to prevent a potential client from using it without you.

We can present you with a strong, polished, speculative proposal that gets results – just contact us!

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