Marketing Proposal Writing Service

A marketing proposal is not a marketing plan, like most people assume, but it is instead used to augment the marketing plan. Marketing proposals describe the work a vendor will complete for a client on a project.

In a tough economy where many are struggling, organizations are more amenable to awarding contracts to those who can assist them to better market their products and services to increase their bottom line. A well-crafted and polished marketing proposal can make the difference between securing, or losing a contract bid.

As our name suggests, at Proposal Writing Service, all we do every day is write proposals, and we have teams of writers for every type of proposals that we write. And members on each team have sat on the relevant proposal review boards and committees so that they understand the complete process, from writing a proposal to evaluating it and awarding the contract.

Therefore, our team of marketing proposal writers are not only skilled at writing effective marketing proposals, but they are also knowledgeable about the proposal review process and what reviewers look for. On top of that they are also marketing experts who have worked in the field, and keep on top of new marketing trends so they can also act in the role of advisors. Our marketing proposal writers are well-position to offer advice and recommendations to strengthen any marketing proposals.

Like any other type of proposal, the marketing proposal must be written a certain way, and have specific components that are mandatory, on top of desirable elements that will give you an edge over your competitors. If you work with us, we can guarantee that your marketing proposal will be top notch.

Broadly, marketing proposals have to explain how the vendor will increase client awareness and coverage in the market, as well as improve product/service position in the market.

A typical marketing proposal includes:

  • Scope of the project.
  • Names of personnel who will actually perform the work and their qualifications.
  • How the work will be done.
  • Resources required to perform the work.
  • The time it will take to complete the work.
  • How the effectiveness of the work will be measured.

And that’s the easy part of writing the marketing proposal.

On top of that, to write an effective marketing proposal you have to:

  • Research the target company to understand, the background of the project, and the marketing strategies that have been executed.
  • Conduct a market analysis to understand the competitive landscape and what their key direct competitors are doing and the challenges that they are facing.
  • Conduct psychographic research to identify target audiences, or “segments,” based on values, attitudes, personality, and lifestyle, as well as demographic research to identify factors, such as age, race, sex, or income.
  • Identify and define problem areas to ensure that the company’s products/services are not targeted to the wrong audience.
  • Provide innovative marketing strategies to augment the organization’s current marketing plan, and workable solutions to address the problems previously defined.

Writing a marketing proposal is not easy, and is a very time consuming process. Let us do the work for you in a cost-effective manner. We have a proprietary system in place that we use to write proposals, which substantially cuts down the time it takes to write an effective marketing proposal.

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