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It can difficult to land a job in today’s market so when the opportunity presents itself it is important to be prepared and knowledgeable so you will have the best chance and succeeding and landing the job.

Choose Your Approach to Writing a Job Proposal

Part of being prepared to apply for a job is to know which documents you will in to provide in order to be considered for a position. Many jobs offer their own applications, these are pre-written with the specific questions they would like you to answer. While other jobs prefer that potential employees to send in a resume and a letter of interest. A letter of interest is basically a job proposal that states why you are interested in the job and what you have to offer the company if they should hire you.

Job Proposal Writing VS Cover Letter Writing

Job proposals differ from cover letters because cover letters are a very quick overview of your education, work history and skills. Cover letters are a lead in into your resume, but both still need to be read in order for an employer to have enough information about you to even consider hiring you. However, the sad fact is that most employers do not have time to read both a cover letter and a resume. Even the most well written and impressive cover letter is not typically enough to land the job.

A one page job proposal can be a combination of the cover page and resume. By combining the information you are saving the employer some time and giving them a better look at who you are and what you are capable of. A well written job proposal should include your education history, any work experience you have had as well as any special skills you might have that would be beneficial to the job or position you are applying for.

Reinforce Effectiveness of Your Job Proposal

When using a job proposal over a cover letter and resume it is also possible to showcase your personality a little more, but in a eloquent way. You are able to introduce yourself, as you would in a cover letter, but also expand on the information you have given. Instead of just flatly laying out your skills you can discuss why they are vital and how you would implicate them into the job.

Remember to keep it short and sweet though. The main benefit to writing a job proposal instead of a cover letter and resume is the easy access to all necessary information. Make sure all of the information is there and clear, even expand on it a little, but do not get too long winded. It is called a one page proposal for a reason.

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