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It has often been said that each of us has a book inside of us, and on the other hand, when asked, one of the things that most people would like to accomplish before they die is to write a book, yet few ever do so. Many are daunted by the task because it appears so overwhelming, but like anything in life, once you break down a task into its components, it is more manageable. Writing a book proposal is a core component of the book writing process.

If a literary agent or traditional book publisher really likes your query letter, they may request writing a book proposal. If you have done some preliminary research, and are confident about the content for your book, it makes sense that you should go on with your book proposal writing before you submit your query letter, so you can respond with agility to the agent and/or publisher.

Book Proposal Writing

Best Book Proposal WritingHaving a great book idea, or having the right contacts in the publishing industry, or even creating a literary masterpiece will not get you a book contract. Writing a strong, clear and  compelling book proposal is the key to getting a contract for writing a book. Most reputable publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts so they will not look at a book without first reviewing the proposal and from it deciding if the book is commercially feasible. Therefore, it is important that writing a book proposal comes up with the polished and the perfectly written result.

No literary agent or book publisher will look at your manuscript unless your book proposal leaves them thirsty and hungry for more. At book proposal writing service we have written countless book proposals where the authors have been awarded book deals, some of which have been turned into series. All of our book proposal writers have held positions as literary agents representing many bestselling authors, or have worked at book publishing companies holding a variety of positions, or are bestselling authors themselves, so they understand every aspect of the business and know what is writing a book proposal that gets a book contract.

Book Proposal Structure

Book Proposal StructureOn top of that, our book proposal writers at Proposal Writing Service keep on top of trends so they know which books are in demand and can provide valuable feedback. Book proposals are structured a certain way with an average length. For instance, book proposals have:

  • Detailed author biography.
  • Book overview.
  • Market comparison of similar books and how yours compares and can expect to compete.
  • Unique selling proposition that clearly explains the benefits readers will receive from reading your book.
  • Marketing strategy which outlines how you will help to market your book – list of platforms or affinity groups that will help you to promote your book.
  • Chapter-by-chapter synopsis.
  • Sample chapter with the key elements that will showcase your talent as a writer, and make the publisher want to sign with you.

Let us start writing a book proposal for you, because we know what it takes to grab a traditional publisher’s attention. We have secured five and six-figure book deals for many of our clients.

Write us today and our team provide you with a perfect book proposal!

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