Writing A Business Proposal For You

To write a business proposal that gets the business requires plenty of preparation and work. The most common mistakes made by business proposal writers and what we at our professional writing agency avoid is, lack of understanding of the client’s business, industry and challenges. We make sure we understand all the above before we embark on the mission of writing a business proposal.

Writing a business proposal

Because the business proposal process can be time consuming, it is easy to want to take the short cut and create a simple template for submitting a proposal. Yet, this quick cut and paste methodology is a path to getting your proposal being tossed and your bid out of the running. To write a worthy business proposal for a client requires information. You need to clearly understand the issues the client is facing while leaving your assumptions and immediate solutions on the table.

Business proposal writing

Getting a client’s business is all about one thing – selling. The best sales person does less talking and more listening. We have crafted a list of essential questions to understand potential customers’ businesses before we embark on a business proposal writing for them.

  • What is the current challenge your business is facing?
  • What is the greatest challenge your industry is facing?
  • When did you first determine this business problem existed?
  • What have you done in the past to address this issue and what was the outcome?
  • What is the best outcome you wish to achieve with this project?
  • What current information does your company have to solve this problem?
  • Will your firm have full access to the stake holders involved in this project to ensure success?
  • Is you company looking for recommendations or also help in the implementation of those recommendations?
  • When do you want this project to be completed?
  • To implement recommendations, what obstacles will be necessary to overcome?
  • Do you have a set budget for this project?

Business proposal writers

We know you are seriously interested in what we can offer in regard to business proposal writing and that is why you have taken your time to visit our website. Our business proposal writers know this and will work in partnership with you to deliver your desire.

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