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This page is just to get you in the know on what happens in our government proposal writing service department and to make you be aware that, in case you have such a proposal, we will gladly do it for you at a reasonable charge.

Government proposal writing

Each proposal is unique but there those general elements found in a typical government proposal. An executive summary will tell the evaluators why they should choose your company for the contract. Explain to the government how your company is going to accomplish the requested work. A list of resume and qualifications and responsibilities of the key personnel and subcontractors named in proposal is to be provided. Address the major topics in the request for proposal (RFP) in the same sequence as requested.

Proposal writing for government contracts

Ensure that the charts and graphs included in the proposal are relevant and should be used as exhibits whenever possible. It is helpful to provide a list of satisfactory completion of similar projects in size and complexity or of providing similar services to companies of similar size and/or characteristics. Provide a safety plan if you are preparing a proposal that requires the use of machinery, chemicals, or equipment that could conceivably cause injury. Make sure that the proposal is well written, proofread the proposal to eliminate last minute mistakes.

Complete and sign all paperwork correctly. Errors and incomplete paperwork could result in your proposal being rejected by the government contracting office. Make sure you follow the right procedure as specified in the contract in order to win that bid. Don’t overdo anything. Stick to the topic of the proposal.

Government proposal writers

We have a pool of writers who are specifically for government proposal writing. They have done a good job in the past and they will do a good job for you. So if you are at a lose as to where to start from, bring it over to us and we do the rest for you. They are well informed and equipped for the job. They are professionals at it.

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