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Writing a grant proposal

Find out about your potential client by talking to them, reading their mission statements and researching them – as well as learning how they make their decisions. This will reveal the “buttons” that you will need to press as you describe the benefits of the partnership (i.e. more profits, something new to offer their clients, giving their business a new edge on competition etc). Once you have done that, make an offer they cannot refuse. Again, this will also take some research, but within reason, you should bend over backwards to accommodate your potential partner and make it as profitable for them as possible. Remember that the client you acquire from a joint venture will purchase from you again and again – and it is usually the “back end profit” after the joint venture where the real money gets made.

When writing a killer proposal, make sure to make it as easy as possible for them to say “yes”. People in general are obnoxiously lazy. While writing our grant proposal we know that many proposals have been rejected simply because they either seem too complicated – or it sounds like too much work, regardless of how lucrative they are. Simplify your proposal, and if necessary, take on the majority of the workload – remember that you are sitting on a goldmine. Show them the money. Don’t be vague when it comes to potential earnings. Logically explain to your prospect how much they could reasonably earn from the partnership. It is very important that you do not simply make an “educated guess” – base your predictions entirely on your current marketing stats, sales conversion rates and other real data. This is likely to be the most overlooked – yet crucial – part of any given joint venture proposal.

Proposal for grants

Getting grants is not hard so long as you press the right buttons. Proposal for grants have to be well crafted in order to attract the needed attention. Our professional writers have what it takes to make you win that grant. Read this and more on our website.

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