FAQs On What Is A Proposal And Others

Our professional writers come across so many questions about proposal writers from our clients and below are a sample of them. You can shoot your question too and our professional will provide you with an instant answer:

What should be the size of a proposal? How long or short should a proposal be? How many number of pages should there be in a proposal?

It is very difficult to give an exact idea on the size of a proposal because it varies from donor to donor. Some agencies prefer to receive just a proposal of not more than one page, at least initially. Other donors like the USAID can request for lengthy proposals that can run into several pages. Nevertheless, the size of a proposal doesn’t really matter as much as the content. The donor agency is mostly interested in the idea of you propose. If the idea is interesting and innovative, then the proposal can be of any length and it can be accepted.

How can I start writing a proposal?

If you are working with a community and you certainly realize that they are facing some problems, it could be extreme poverty, poor healthcare, and lack of government services, malnutrition, and inadequate education and so on. You try to go deeper into the problem to understand why the problem exists. For example, if the community is facing health problems, you realize that it is maybe because of lack of health centers or the community members are not aware about basic health and hygienic care. Then you understand the cause of the problem is absence of health care facilities or poor knowledge of the community on health and hygienic care. When you come to speak to the community, you come to know more and more about the causes of the problem they face. So now you have a clear idea what you need to address. It could be setting up healthcare centers where your community resides or it could be just providing health care information to them.  When you are aware of the cause of the problem, you can start writing the proposal. You can develop a background to the problem by referring to its cause and how it can be addressed by your intervention.
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