Event Press Release Template

Event Press Release Template

Event press releases are so difficult to write because they simply require a practiced hand, one with experience in condensing a lot of information into just a few words, and the ability to be both informative and convincing in your writing. The press release must walk a fine line between informing people and ensnaring their interest, and many people struggle to come up with one that adequately addresses both of these aspects of the event press release. We’ve provided an event press release template below that you can use to see some of the techniques in action!

Professional Event Press Release Sample

This press release is to announce an exciting concert at Central Park in three weeks, the local band No Remorse will be playing on Saturday, May 28 at 8:00 on the south fields. Tickets are only $5 for one of the best up and coming bands in the area. We will be providing everything from food and drink to merchandise, and children are allowed in free. We’re trying to foster a connection to the community and build a brand that people can relate to, so we’ll be meeting and talking with people afterwards for anyone interested. Ever wondered what it might be like to see The Beatles or Led Zeppelin in a small club before they got famous? Well this is your chance today, because No Remorse is hitting it big and we want you to be the ones we carry to the top!

Learn from our event press release examples and get professional help as well!

We want to provide you with multiple means of getting help, not just being able to complete your press release for you, but providing you with the tools so that you can do it yourself, and perhaps the easiest and most effective is the sample event press release. Whereas you’re taking a risk by going with another template that you can’t trust the quality of, all of our templates are professionally written to be learned from and used, so take advantage of an event press release template today for the assistance you’re looking for!

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