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People in both the profit and nonprofit world have ideas that merit funding or a place in the ongoing budget. These ideas have to be put into words that reflect goals and objectives. Not everybody understands a project proposal format or how to write one. It really does help to take a look at a Business Proposal Example.


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Whether you require video content for marketing, educating, entertaining, or communicating, Lyndapixels offers creative, professional, and technical expertise in getting the job done Thus; we are pleased to present you with a business proposal for real estate video production. We understand the dynamics of the market of real estate that you are experiencing. Our company is confident that we are fully equipped to generate a real estate video advertisement that will ensure increased market presence, penetration, and sales. Our video services entail liaising with the customers to know the properties and actors they want to be featured. We make the videos from scratch and ensure you are satisfied with the outcome before using the video for marketing purposes. We confidently advocate for several strengths that make us the best video production company. For example, we have extensive experience in music videos and TV commercials production. We also have various opportunities that will help in providing you excellent video production services. Based on our need analysis and the nature of the proposed plan, the total budget is $540.30.


LyndaPixel Pty Ltd was founded in 2015 and hence has four years of experience. the

We are a limited liability media company that offers media production services. The company is headed by the CEO, who works with a team of 20 staff. Currently, the company serves many clients. It has won numerous awards in video production. The company`s head office is in Australia, Melbourne. We are expanding into the fulltime production of real estate videos.

Products and Services

Our company has extensive experience in music videos and TV commercials production. Our major product is media/film production. We utilize the latest technology in production services to achieve a level of quality. So far, we have been successful in delivering quality and captivating videos that have marketed our clients throughout the region. We upload our videos on reliable Platforms such as YouTube, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. We are the best in the industry regarding the content and clarity of our output. Furthermore, the customer experience that is offered by our service staff is incredible and satisfactory. LyndaPixels is committed to helping our clients understand their needs: how they can effectively communicate the message to the target audience. We also take care of client budgetary constraints and meeting project deadlines without compromise on quality.

Pre-production is the major and vital phase of our whole video creation process. Therefore, real-estate video pre-production is where we will make all decisions about every detail of your real estate. We will start this process by gathering the necessary information concerning your project. Our sales representatives will communicate with you to ask some questions to establish the kind of your project, content, and preferred style of your real estate video.

After collecting all the necessary information, we will organize and deliver our video template, and if it pleases you, we will work out all the details of the video. Every property is distinctive, and hence, our approach to each video will be on an individual level. We believe that there are several decisions to be made concerning the creation of your video. Nevertheless, you can be sure that our firm will explore all the available options and present them in a manner that you will comprehend and assess. To achieve this, we will write the video script. We will make several drafts of the video transcripts and accompany them with consistent dialogue to enable us to present your real estate company properly. In case the video does not require voiceover, then, we will only require writing just a video treatment. A video treatment refers to a written narrative of your real estate video.

Finally, it will be vital to establish the duration the video shooting will take. The required time for acquiring all the vital footage is dependent on your video’s complexity. For instance, in case you want your video to cover just one property, then, that will take only a day to shoot the exterior and interior of your firm. Conversely, in case your video will cover many properties, then, up to three days may be required to get all the important video footage. The production might take up to five days in case you add other steps, actors, or individually lighting every shot. After the pre-production stages, we will move to produce the video.

Long-Term Aim of the Business

LyndaPixels aims at being the company of choice for all forms of video and commercial advertisements.


  1. To continuously raise awareness through video advertisements
  2. To persuade customers to buy through advertisements
  3. To reinforce our brand message to increase sales

Target Market

Our target market for the video production is the real estate firms, hotels, and accommodation providers, small and medium-sized companies in Australia and beyond. However, while creating your real estate videos, we will target middle-income and high-income earners. The high-income populations have more disposable income as compared to persons in other income brackets. Therefore, the group might be more interested in our commercials. The numbers of the middle-class group are rising rapidly thus a larger audience. Both have increasingly embraced TV commercials, mobile, and Internet usage. LyndaPixels will also target business people, who normally have a busy schedule and will benefit from a short, creative, and informative video advertisement. Our adverts will be clear, straight to the point, creative and informative; thus, they will promptly deliver the message. With the local and national trend characteristics of advanced equipment, creativity, and cinematic filming and production, LyndaPixels will employ state-of-the-art equipment to produce competitive videos.


LyndaPixels understands the need for your company to increase your real estate sales and market share. Due to the competition in the real estate business, it is only wise for companies to reach a larger number of audiences. With good advertisement strategies, firms have the assurance of staying ahead of their competitors. Thus, our interest is to offer solutions that will assure you increased sales and productivity in the long-run. We will achieve this by creating captivating and eye-catching video adverts that will increase your market visibility to the potential real estate customers and hence raise your sales volumes. Our content will be relevant, informative, enticing, and will ensure that you will be the real estate company of choice. The experience we have gathered over years of studying how adverts influence market shifts will facilitate our appropriate choice of material. We appreciate the increase in customers’ uptake to advertisements; hence, we aim at capitalizing on this opportunity. We will use various digital and mainstream media to promote the real estate video.

Our company encourages open communication. Any feedback from you on the assignments will be received positively and reacted to enhance the good working relationship promptly. There will be an ongoing evaluation of the suitability of our contents. Also, we will evaluate on the number of people that have viewed the advertisements on a weekly basis. We will communicate this information to you, as an ongoing joint effort to boost your productivity.

Additional Requirements

LyndaPixels has identified some requirements that they will meet in orders to complete the assignment. The two companies must be willing to work as partners for their common good. Your company must be willing to promptly avail the necessary information that we may require from time to time. Furthermore, communication must be open to ensure that all there is no blame game. If we adhere to these conditions, a very conducive working atmosphere will prevail.


The assumption made while preparing this proposal is that your company needs to advertise its products and services to enhance their competitive advantage. We also hypothesized that no other advertising agency had been contracted to market the products. Such a move would confuse the intended market thus bring forth negative effects.

The Opportunity

Your company has the opportunity to advertise with us and enhance their visibility in the real estate market. If accomplished, our strategy will facilitate your occupation of 70% of the total market for real estate. It will also ensure that clients act as products’ brand ambassadors. Word of mouth a powerful form of advertisement: LyndaPixels will ensure that your company penetrates new markets, addresses clients` needs and curbs the business threats of losing clients to competitors.

Project Scope

The project will involve 70% of the employees in our company and will require the coordination of the design, editing and operations departments in our entire operation. Dedicating a large number of human resources is LyndaPixels commitment to making this venture a success. Pursuing the real estate video advertising opportunity will adversely affect your penetration into untapped markets, market share, and profitability. There will be the realization of positive change about the three performance criteria.

SWOT Analysis



  • Competent and dedicated team members
  • The ability of the real estate businesses to adopt change
  • Various markets; for instance, auctions and open markets
  • Real estate appreciates in value and may act as a cushion against inflation
  • Real estate sector is less volatile as compared to competitors’ products like equities.
  • Lack of training in the real estate sector
  • The sector involves highly illiquid assets
  • Real estate requires a large capital base



  • Emergence of new technology that could result in the development
  • Use of the Internet and the presence of many social media platforms for marketing:
  • High and strong global demand for real estate
  • Real estate offers an opportunity for expansion into other sectors
  • Technological innovations have opened up new opportunities for our business.
  • Non-regulation of the markets
  • Unstandardized criteria for portals and management systems in use by the sector
  • The existence of competitors with high-technology and knowledge.
  • The slowdown in the economy may affect demand
  • Prices may be affected by seasonal demand
  • Other investment assets like bonds and equities may offer stiff competition to real estate business


(Receiving Party) Needs

LyndaPixels will develop informative and captivating real estate videos. We intend to use high-quality equipment that will produce good work. Since we have done commendably in the years that we have been in advertising, our brand will form part of the marketing advantage. The outlets for our advertising will be Televisions, web pages, and online platforms. Unique formats and style will be used to develop content that will appeal to the target market. The content matter will be clear and concise and will urge the customers to choose your company for real estate solutions. We intend to develop a mantra for your real estate advertisement. We will endeavor to produce an extremely creative video that will stand out from competitor’s contents.

Our company`s focus will benefit from the Facebook platform as their users` interests are extremely wide. Facebook allows targeting of people based on broad criteria, including their brands and products of preference. Our content will disrupt the competitor’s advertisement on YouTube. The team will create the most watchable ads with the intention of shifting customers’ interest from competitors` advertisements. We will ensure that our videos appear first whenever someone searches for real estate products.


After reviewing your company’s` position in the market, through our partnership, we will achieve the following objectives:

  1. To possess 70% of the real estate market share

  2. To increase profitability by 50%

  3. To penetrate 20% of the untapped markets


Our first step will involve laying down of the specific target population for the real estate videos. The videos should match the needs of working groups of high income and middle-income earners. From our research, we decided to focus on these groups. In our view, the two will benefit from our captivating videos and possess purchasing power for the real estate. Also, they would access our content using mobile phones and the internet. Secondly, we will establish measures to evaluate if the advertisements are working. For platforms like Google and Facebook, we will use statistics generated by the companies. Such indicators will act as a guide to action if the results of the advertisement are not as anticipated. Moreover, we will set up a tracking mechanism for emails and telephone.

Thirdly, we will formulate a schedule of advertising in the mainstream media channels. Fourthly, we will consider appropriate branding. Customers need to identify the video advertisements based on our choice of color, logo, and style. Thus we will work together with the real estate company`s team in enhancing the brand by use of their theme colors and typeface. Filthy, the company will take advantage of the available options in advertising like Google AdWords to save resources. The bottom line here is an efficient use of resources without compromising on the quality of the advertisements. Extensive research will be undertaken to determine the best platform to place the video adverts and when. A campaign channeled through an inappropriate forum will be a waste of time and resources. Thus, the firm will endeavor to have an in-depth understanding of the customers and their preferable advertisement methodology. An advertisement that is matched correctly to the audience attracts successful leads to the business. Overall, our strategy will involve choosing our fit customers, their media of choice and direct resources to these specific channels.

Project Team

The senior manager will spearhead the project. He will be in charge of generating the real estate video, as well as managing the works of the following teams:

Team A: Manager (Name and Title)

Members: (Names and Title

Main tasks: Filming

Team B: Manager (Name and Title)

Members: (Names and Title

Main tasks: Editing

Team C: Manager (Name and Title)

Members: (Names and Title

Main tasks: Graphics


Whether you require video content for marketing, educating, entertaining, or communicating, Lyndapixels offers creative, professional, and technical expertise in getting the job done. Our staffs are seasoned professionals knowledgeable in producing videos of all types, ranging from event videography to Internet videos. Our excellent track record for the past four years is a testimony of our cost-efficient solutions that yield high-end products, which you require. Therefore, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Profile of Competitors

Our main competitors are the mainstream media companies who enjoy a wide coverage through their TV, radio and newspaper outlets. Some of them have a large capital base which gives them a competitive advantage. They are also experienced, exposed, networked, and have relations with old customers. Therefore, their customers are the established companies. Established companies with a traditional mindset may prefer advertisements from TVs and radios. Their structures and resources are almost the same as ours. Some competitor companies are new in the market and charge lower rates to attract more clients. This form of competition is unhealthy and hurt reputable companies like us.

While the competitors have several strengths, they have some weaknesses that LyndaPixels will capitalize on to attract more clientele. These weaknesses include expensive products/services and rushing through work processes. In this regard, LyndaPixels will offer quality products and services at lower rates. We will be creative, and with the help of advanced equipment coupled with our experience in the field, we will provide differentiated products and services. Moreover, we will consider clients’ budgetary constraints and endeavor to meet project deadlines without compromising the quality. You should choose us also because we will package your videos appropriately using a DVD, USB drive, and online platforms, but this will highly depend on you, as the client.

Benefits of our Proposed Plan

The benefits of choosing to work with us include our wide knowledge base and experience in advertising, which results in speedy completion of projects and lower implementation cost. Also, our company uses world-class technology in video production and streaming hence, producing high quality and reliable advertisements that allows flexibility by circumstances. Over the years, we have developed a trusted brand in advertising. The brand has been recognized severally for exemplary performance. Therefore, we have managed to win the royalty of client’s resulting into steady growth in sales. We offer 24-hour exceptional customer service and encourage feedback to improve our services. Our partnership will gain from the mastery in advertising. LyndaPixels is very keen on the selection of the technical staff. We employ individuals with positive attitudes and self-drive. Team spirit is encouraged while undertaking all our projects. Therefore, we are confident of creating the real estate video that will boost your firm`s productivity.

Key Team members Qualifications

The company’s management team is qualified and possesses relevant experience as detailed below:

  1. (Name, title)

Brief resume detailing qualification and experience

  1. (Name, title )

Brief resume detailing qualification and experience

  1. (Name, title)

Brief resume detailing qualification and experience

  1. (Name, title)

Brief resume detailing qualification and experience



With the advancement in technology, there are numerous methodologies of advertising. LyndaPixels will use three of these methods for the real estate video project. The company will use social networking, television and webpage methods of advertising. Social networking has gained popularity with our campaign target group. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Television advertisements are also very effective. It is getting cheaper to advertise via TV due to the increasing number of television networks and stations. Furthermore, the method affects a large group of people. Web pages are nowadays a commonplace for advertising.


We expect to complete this project in four weeks according to the schedule of activities.

Testing and Evaluation

LyndaPixels will conduct evaluations once a week. This process will check the effectiveness of the video advertisement. For the response to social media advertising, the exercise will include reviewing the statistics from social media companies. The number of emails and telephone calls will monitor TV advertisements and statistics of the web page`s views will be evaluated.


Cost Requirements

Based on our need analysis and the nature of the proposed plan, the total budget is $540.30. The estimated number of person-hours is 160 resulting in four weeks, with a daily budget of $13.80.

The following table shows a detailed breakdown, based on the competitive pricing strategy. However, there is room for negotiations.

Product Description


Filming rooms, yards, editing, graphics, custom titles, and music

Standard $230

Rooms and garages

Extras $30


$.30 per mile (anything beyond 25 miles)

Personal Biography


Extra locations

$100 + mileage

Approximated Total

$ 540. 30

It is important to note that most of our videos run for about four minutes. Therefore, the cost considers this timing. However, if your firm requires the video to run for more time, our firm will adjust accordingly. As shown in the product and services section, our video production takes up to five days depending on the amount of content and the actors you choose to include.


LyndaPixels has confidence in the proposed real estate video advertising. We believe that it will lead to an increase in your market share, profitability, and market penetration. We sincerely hope that you will consider our proposal in partnering with you. We are open to questions and further discussion on the project.

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