The Place of Paraphrasing in Proposal Writing

Creativity is a major issue for the place of paraphrasing in proposal writing

The place of paraphrasing in proposal writing or proposal paraphrasing is a very important issue when writing an article. There are some general advices and methods of paraphrasing that can be followed. It should be carefully written that no plagiarism issue comes. One must read the paragraph properly before writing it. He must not sit down immediately to change certain lines instead he should try to make some points out of it and then try to summarize it on his own. We should write the article in such a way that the reader does not know about it and as if we are trying to explain him from the scratch. After the source of the article had been read, it should keep aside. Then we should note down some points and try to make a draft summary. After making the proposal summary we have to check that no lines are repeated from the source and the summary has its original identity. If we cannot follow the above-mentioned two points the originality of the article could be at stake.

The proposal paraphrasing should be original having no resemblance from any other

Next we should discuss some of the most important points about the place of paraphrasing in proposal writing or proposal paraphrasing. We can consider repackaging the sentences. This is such that if a sentence is available we could change some words or structure in them so that the line gets a fresh appearance and the paraphrasing could not resemble the previous ones. Some critical concepts, phrases and ideas could be listed down. Also if we find it difficult to change a word we could look up in the dictionary for synonyms or alternative phrases, but it should be of equal relevance. The structure of the sentence can be changed also keeping the voice, tense and the concept clear. Sometimes it happens that if we change the sentence, the synthesis is changed along with, therefore we have to keep in mind that there should be no such change. Long sentence structures will make the matter more complicated therefore short sentences are usually preferred. The sentences should be kept as simple as possible so that readers may not find it difficult to use. We are basically developing ideas and concepts of other people and procuring them as our own.

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