About Proposal Format

Proposal format should always adhere to the agency’s guidelines. Different agencies have different guidelines. Most agencies are moving towards submission of proposals electronically. So we can say electronic submission is mandatory. Our proposal writers have all the guidelines and will work on your proposal depending on the guidelines of your agency.

Proposal format

Most proposal will have the following format: Transmittal letter – (for college proposals) printed on a university letter head and signed by the principal investigator indicating the contents of the proposal submission packet; A cover sheet; abstract – usually a one page summary of the proposal. The abstract presents the essential elements of the proposal. The agency may use it to disseminate the proposal idea for comment from individuals outside the primary review group; Table of content which is appropriate for proposals of more than five pages of narrative; an introduction. This may be appropriate to lead into a more complex proposal by briefly explaining the reason for and the basic elements of the proposal; Narrative (for technical proposals). This describes the proposal project and details precisely what is being proposed;

Proposal formats

Background: in reference to the proposal concept, what has been accomplished to date, what requires attention and what requires extra attention or refocusing. Statement of need to show what is required to be done and why. Do not overstate the need or the problem(s). Be clear and concise; Proposal goals – this are general statements regarding proposed accomplishments; Projects hypothesis and objectives. This are statements of precise and measurements outcome. Project implications – the preliminary results and impact of the proposed project; two questions that should be addressed here are why and what? Methodology – how will the problem be approached and what methods will be employed to accomplish the stated objectives. Provide a solution methodology for each objective. Describe specific program activity, personnel and data compilation; Time frame – a project time frame with reasonable starting and ending dates for the proposed project; Evaluations/milestones chart; dissemination/utilization; literature review; facilities – as appropriate, provide a statement of the physical facilities available and necessary to conduct the project; personnel – describe the relationship of professional personnel to the project. Attaché vitae of the principal project personnel as appendices; budget (cost proposal or financial plan)

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